Sunday, April 3, 2011


im currently on my holiday to the USA and am now in the big apple..NEW YORK CITY!

i will keep you updated as my trip goes along...now off to shoppppppp, amazed at the amount of shopping to be done in New York. One of my purchases will have to be an extra suitcase to get it all back!

Any tips on shopping or food?


martinacox said...

have fun! your lucky the weather here just started getting nice!
let me know if ya need any shopping help i know all da rad secret places

Yve said...

I went when I was 7, cannot wait to go back sometime in the next few years! Have an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

la esquina is amazing, i think it is in soho

budapest and pastis in the meat packers district

oh and go to rose bar at the gramercy

have fun :)

Cáti said...

oh, LUCKY you!
Have fun :)


N said...

wow If i was there i'd definitely be stalking the gossip girl boys. haha

have fun xx



chattykathy said...

MY fav. when in NYC


If you like Moroccan food. Café Mogador in St. Mark's is awesome and pretty cheap too. I like it for lunch and the mint iced tea is great!

101 Saint Marks Pl # 1

...disappear here said...

Sunburnt Cow... on 8th and C.
Best weekend drunk brunch EVERR.

Anonymous said...

MHow lucky! You must stop by Hyoni Kang´s shop in soho... http://www.rebornprocess.com/
and for food... too many good options! But aside from the great restaurants, don´t be afraid to try a street hot dog!
Have funnn!!

G L I T T E R B A B Y said...

Oh you super lucky girrrl! Refinery 29 always update on where to go and shop just look online and your set.


hope you have an amazing time.


hannah said...

hey girl! i live in the city, if you need any help or want to grab a coffee, let me know!

you definitely need to head down to the east village - all of the best vintage shopping is down there. (search tokio 7). there are also some great markets in brooklyn.

there are so many amazing restaurants - try peels or gemma on bowery.



The Jazzy Belle said...

5th and Madison have lots of big names and chain/trendy stores... Soho and Chelsea areas have good secondhand and vintage.. Not sure where it is, but check out LF while you're there. Only two of them and they are badass stores.

koast to koast said...

Food musts!! -

Cafe Gitane- soho
Cafe Habana - soho
La Esquina - soho
Kenmare - soho

We are super jeals, best city in the world!

x Kayti and Kels


Dani said...

go to williamsburg boutique bird, right on N1st and you take the L train.
madewell is cool, free people + lf too.

Lucyana Mendes said...

Love N.Y!!!!!!!!!
So jealous! :) Kisses from Portugal*