Tuesday, June 29, 2010

win this tee

the lovely girls at manikinn are giving the CIRCA NOW readers a chance to win this RIP/YSL tee!

just post a comment saying what you would wear this tee with and your email address and i'll pick a winner by the end of the week. everyone who enters receives a $10 voucher to put towards your next purchase! looking forward to hearing from you all!!!


Fuji Files said...

First of all I'd wear this with everything. But specifically? A floor-length black skirt, moto boots, and fur vest.

Fingers crossed!
xx Cristina


onika said...

oooh.... i dunno... maybs distressed pale skinnies and sam edelman zoe boots, navy military jacket with gold detail, chunky jewellry, messy hair lotsa volume


Kate said...

My plan is to wear these with my old school Ksubi flag jeans http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l0grtvhCeQ1qz6fefo1_500.png, my big carry-all bag made with korean distressed cow leather, my white docs and with messy pocahontas inspired hair and a chunky bracelet.
stoneka@mlc.vic.edu.au xx

Jes said...

Your hair looks gorgeous babe. Is it lighter?

Id wear the tee with some tight trackie pants, my combat boots and my army bomber jacket and a shit load of rings. :)


in the eve I lie awake dreaming... said...

Love this! I'd sport with beige leather slouchy shorts, blk opaque over the knee socks YSL tribute sandals, and my khaki trench (with the waist tie bowed at the back so you can see the tee)... Heart, sigh.

Frou Frou said...

A pair of black tights. Blondie style.

Frou Frou said...

A pair of black tights. Blondie style.

Margaret said...

how perfectly awesome :)
I'd wear it with clunky vintage ankle boots, sheer thigh-highs, Lee shorts, a bowler hat, and matte nails :)
blablafairies@gmail.com xx

in the eve I lie awake dreaming... said...

clearly I forgot my email earlier. fool... so...

Love this! I'd sport with beige leather slouchy shorts, blk opaque over the knee socks YSL tribute sandals, and my khaki trench (with the waist tie bowed at the back so you can see the tee)... Heart, sigh.


Cathrine said...

Love this tee.. I will wear classic with my vintage levis 501shorts, or the topshop american shorts, black low converse,and maybe fold up the t-shirt in the arms. (hope you understand ;))
If it is cold I would wear my green militaria jacket on also.
The look should be clean, nude, messy hair, sun-tanned, and with 3 BIG rings. And maybe some rayban aviator sunglasses.

So much love

Rich Girls. said...

i'd most likely team the tee with super tight dark ksubi jeans, a perfectly structured boyfriend blazer, tan jeffery campbell clogs, a few gold rings and plaited hair inspired by lauren conrad. x.


Deniz said...

i would wear it with my suede black shorts (the zara version of the famous chloe shorts chloe sevigny wore a lot), marsèll jazz shoes/ rick owens wedges (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=18930103), a big vintage leather clutch, lots of ring.


katherine. said...

This t-shirt would simply inspire a light pair of distressed jeans and a decent pair of Doc Martens. The shirt, would the the star of the show.



maximiliano said...

I'd wear this with my Blue jeans and London tan shoes and my black jacket - great tee - hope it comes in man size!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - I love this tee! I would wear it with my dark DENIM harem pants from zara, my beige canvas shoes - and to dress it up a little bit, my vintage; hot pink/fuschia; double breasted boyfriend blazer with big gold buttons down the front!


K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X said...

Yes!! I've wanted one of these T's for so long!

I'd tuck it into my black high-waisted shorts with sheer stockings and my Beau Coop Frankly 01's & some chunky rings oh yeaaa x


natasha said...

oh and my e-mail is ohsogossamer@live.com.au

natasha said...

Ohh it could be worn with almost anything. However, I'd wear it four possible ways in winter;

1) with A.A. disco pants in either blue or black, dolce and gabanna suede wedges and a blazer or;

2) black gold zipper sass and bide skirt, suede thigh high flat boots and visible leona edmiston lace top stay ups but worn so that they are visible.

3)if I could afford them the khaki chloe pants featured in last months oyster with cream/beige shoes and a tan belt.

4) with st lenny galaxy leggings and patent black brogues.

taash said...

I would be so excited to have a piece like this. I can only admire tee's like these and fashion trends as my funds are fundamentally leaving me fashion-less. simply i need HELP in fashion and your site is so inspiring and this t would be a great start to a jean/blazer big bag combo


Damn Filthy Girl said...

1. levi's shorts, brown Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, leather jacket and alot of jevelry.
2. black skinny jeans, Jeffrey Campbell wedges, a bag like Balenciaga's and some bracelets.


GABI. said...

well for me it would have to be a giant tutu a la SJP, the chunkiest, clunkiest black velvet wedges, thick wooly socks and a thick cable knit cardie, because it's winter here in oz.
Oh and of course mountains of jewels, like one of those intense safety pin mash up necklaces and a whole pile of tacky rings =]


Josefina Boston said...

I would wear it over a long tight maxi dress, a gold sparkling jacket with big gold buttons and then a big dark blue skarf from inidia with golden dots on. to this a pair of worn brown heels from Barbara Bui.And also some rings on my fingers with moon stones in. Thats it.

rouli said...

amazin post!

lovely tee!!!!!

keep in touch:))



Anonymous said...

i would tuck it into a black loose skirt, lace stockings and booties :) xx

Jas said...

definitely plain black leggings, long sleeve lace blazer, big chunky boots (not necessarily doc martins but semi similar in bulkiness) and a shitload of jewellery covering your arms and fingers :)

laura_t11 said...

black studded-pocket skinnies, round toe black aldo wedges and a big vintage embellished colourful bag :) hair out, sunnies on. suchh a nice tee.




Kristine said...

I would love to wear this tee with a pair of chunky knitted shorts, long hair, and black givenchy strappy wedges

i don't have any of the latter three things, but i can dream right?


Anonymous said...

id wear this with leather leggings, and a leather vest to give it more of a biker look and maybe bright color heels to make it pop!


Kristen said...

I would love to wear this tee! Soo cute :)


Raynielle said...

hey thanks for the amazing chance!

the look im going for is what id wear during chill time or out running errands.id wear the shirt with great pair of erin wasson x RVCA deserted cities jean i have, the ones with the cutouts along the leg. for shoes a pair of ankle motor boots sound great. For hair I would leave my summer style messy waves down sported with a black fedora and bright red lips. Or go with hair up in a high bun that sits on top of my head.

thanks again

my email: socceray714@yahoo.com

shardette.. said...

ksubi jodphurs
isabel marant gillet
acne black booties

= french animalistic chic (the ultimate Yves Saint Laurent tribute)

alison said...

I'd wear that T oversized, with a faux fur vest and very very very tall ankle booties. and lots of hardware. lots and lots :)

hev said...

I would wear it with cut-off denim shorts and with an oversized dark green linen jacket, would complete it with tan colored sandals. lovely.

hokcuoglu@gmail.com x

furr rampage said...

I would wear this Tee with my denim overall dress half undone ofcourse, black seamed stockings, a over size denim shirt unbuttoned on top and my black wedges.

Nelya - Furr Rampage



Bec said...

cute tee! I would wear this, while walking my dog down on shelley beach in Portsea, with some high waisted denim shorts, frayed at the bottom, bare foot, some thick black bangles and a pair of aviators, with my zimmermann bikini underneath...heaven! Can't wait for summer!



kittycat said...

i would wear it with a black mini skirt and clogs.

xo tiffany


Miwa said...

hmmm id wear this with... some boyfriend jeans rolled up and some cute flats, cut off and sandals, the possibilities are endless!


Anonymous said...

åååh love it!
ofcourse it would have to be the main part of the outfit, so to not outshadow the tee, i would wear it simple.
i would wear it with my second-hand high waisted jeans, that ive cut to a pair of really short shorts, then a pair of basic black converse, beach waves + a nice tan!


Anonymous said...

i love it! no doubt that i would wear it with my simple denim shorts from acne, alexander wang purse, grey nailpolish and sandals from fillipa k! or i would simply go naked because the shirt is so fantastic.


Jordan said...

worn with a cold beer


Brittany said...

I'd wear it with jean shorts and my caramel boots. and LOTS of jewelry.

ifwehadthemoney said...

-a russian faux rabbit fur hat
-vintage 501's
-black clogs (friend of mine heidi heel)
-heaps of silver rings
-alexander wang diego bucket bag

ifwehadthemoney said...

p.s ifwehadthemoney@gmail.com

Stace said...

Okay, drool. Not appropriate for 12 degree Melbourne weather atm, BUT -

I would wear it in warmer weather with:

My straw fedora, Rayban Wayfarers, faux fur vest, ripped black skinnies and of my new faves - desert boots!


I love manikinn hahah :)

luna said...

tailored black linen cropped pants, power shoulder boucle jacket and lace up sandle boots

ami said...

How would I wear it?
Dress it up with an acid-wash pleather skirt & high heel lace booties.
Dress it down with my favorite cut-offs, leather safari hat and turquoise flats.
Always with lots of attitude


caylee said...

amazing giveaway tessa!

because it's summer over here in the states, it's too hot to wear this awesome tee with anything but my favorite black vintage high waist 501 cutoffs! i'd tuck the tee in a little in the front, and then i'd throw on my beige Topshop suede wedge peeptoe booties, all of my usual silver rings and bracelets, and grab my new black Asos bag that looks just like the proenza schouler PS1!


TheStylePlaylist said...

i would wear this amazing tee shirt with a pair of pastel colored shorts, oversized cardigan hair up in a messy bun and throw on lots of cute rings and a pair of gladiators or my jeffery campbell killer zip wedge boots, keep it simple and sweet for summmer!


Anonymous said...

I'd wear it with my black levi's and a whole lotta stacked rings.


Lori said...

i've loved this tee for so long. i'd wear them with baggy ripped boy friend jeans, balenciaga cork platforms, and a fedora. plus tons of jewelry and aviators ;)


Tessa-Jay said...

Hey lovelies!

I just picked the winner and emailed them!
Thanks so much for all entering, i'll make sure I do a giveaway again very soon :)
All your outfit ideas have given me inspo.


Stina said...

denim-shorts with black lace-shorts under, and armygreen wellingtons. Fierce!


Silje Bergfald said...

nice tee! :)

Chloe said...


Kendr▲ said...

hot ripped jeans and moto boots, so HOT. love it. awesome blog you have here!


Quiet Clothes said...

i like the t-shirt is very nice:)
kisses from spain

Lucia ♥ said...

Beyond cool tee! I would soo wear this one with: denim shorts, christian louboutin black booties, vintage chanel quilted cross-body handbag, YSL chunky rings, red lipstick and an amazing attitude!
"Only great minds can afford a simple style" Coco Chanel
au revoir

Sara Louise said...

Been a follower for a loooong time- please look at my blog here –

Betsy said...

Amazing! All your works are amazing.
You look amazing girl!
what gorgeous pictures!! amazing


Bitch in a Suit said...

matched with my vintage YSL v. high heeled brogues, black waffle skirt with tulle underneath, gucci vintage mini bag, gold chain-I can already see it on!! x


pick me pick me!! xx

Chelsea Bell said...

In the summer I would probably wear it with vintage Levi cutoffs, black Doc Martens and a bunch of silver jewelry (ex: menswear watch, rings, etc.).

For winter or fall, I would pair it with a pair of jeggings and my new Steve Madden black leather ankle boots. I might also throw a black leather jacket over it occasionally.


ironmaiden said...


in summer i would wear it with denim shorts, a blazer & a pair of gladiator sandals or studded converse
and now, in winter, with leather skinnies, my semper fi combat boots and a faux fur coat!

keeping it simple



Lace pants to cover the seduction that YSL was known for. the hair and makeup won't matter because i just finished having sex.

Alexandra said...

i would wear it tucked into black high waisted tapered trousers belted with a big gold lions head belt, a light wash cutoff denim vest, a little scuffed up on the edges.. giuseppe zanotti leopard print wedges (if i could afford them of course :) ) and a big turquoise ring for some color

Alexandra said...

i would wear it tucked into black high waisted tapered trousers belted with a big gold lions head belt, a light wash cutoff denim vest, a little scuffed up on the edges.. giuseppe zanotti leopard print wedges (if i could afford them of course :) ) and a big turquoise ring for some color

jodi said...

i would wear it with a black skirt and belt!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I love this tee.
In the daytime I would wear it with cut-off shorts and All stars and a lot of jewellery.
In the evening I would wear it with a high-waisted sequin black skirt and some chunky earrings.


fashionable palette said...

Everything and Anything.


I would obviously were this with something knarleyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!

die for that dude

caylee said...

i won!! thanks for choosing me tessa