Sunday, February 14, 2010

new york new york

ive just booked my flights for USA in June/July and i am SO excited!! scrolling through cobrasnake, i found many new photos of his outings in new york, which inspired and excited me for my june july trip! I have never been to USA, does anyone have any tips/place to go in LA, NY??


. said...

hahaha "where there's a willy there's a way"

Candelaria said...

el otro dia vi estas fotos en la pag de cobra son realmente geniales

J said...

Wow, the girl with trashed stockings has the most beautiful hair! Who is she?

Fabi said...


Chun said...

if you're in NY, try checking out East Village. There are some really great thrift, vintage and consignment stores there and it's not an overly crowded section of the city.

Anonymous said...


You have to tell your SRC783 best friend to CHECK OUT CUE's new campaign - online images came out today looks AMAZING!!


I think their campaign stuff is SOOO HER - studded stockings or the like, fur jackets/vests, sharp jacets, feather skirt.

Couldn't post on her blog as I have no account or anything..

I also love the where there's a willy there's a way - hilarious!

Keep up the good blogging girls xxo x

Mode_de_rue said...

If you need a shopping guide in LA let me know girl!

Melina said...

Is that Ben from The Buried Life with Whitney from The Hills? They're cute together!


MJ said...

only just saw your post about going to la and ny in july...me too!! i got a bit of a list from a friend who just went over on her honeymoon - hes a few ideas; NY - best restaurant STK in meat packing district, must book and awesome atmosphere - dj in the restaurant...buddah bar opposite STK even better than spice market melb...some other bars apotheke, room service, and the back room.
LA - the ivy for all your celeb spotting needs, book for lunch on the terrace and keep your eyes open!! sprinkles cupcakes- best cupckaes in the world!!and spargo fine dining where celebs go!
hope you have a great trip...ill keep an eye out for a fashion savy aussie while im there!!!
ps. cant believe your as obsessed as i am about kate bosworth!! xo