Saturday, June 27, 2009

the glamorous life of a transformer

isabel lucas
the movie premier outfits. she looks great in all of them, especially love the neutral colours with her tan and brownish hair.


furr rampage said...

that last dress is amazing.



Sarah A. said...

yeah - whoa! she looked a little bobble-headed at first and then i came to grasp that she may have outdone megan fox who is typically pulling off "hot" without a hitch, though she is terrible at everything else.

GotSpot! said...

She's come a long way from her days in "Home & Away". Good luck to her!

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Anonymous said...

I love isabe lucas and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! what a hottie megan fox

Anonymous said...

mmm josh duhamel

Anonymous said...

Wow she is so gorgeous, is it just me or is she thinner than usual??
oh and i love her hair!

Anonymous said...

I love the second and third outfits! She's really beautiful!

jellysack said...

dude i want to hate Isabel Lucas because she's like fkn perfect, but you can't really, can you? hahahah. man, she's so gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

isabel lucas=amazing. she shits all over megan fox

Egle said...

She's so beautiful


DiscoVery said...

The last outfit is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

apart from her absolutely hideous fake tan in the second last photo she looks gorgeous
but i still cant get past the fact that she has the personality of a dead fish.. (ie. youtube: rove interview)

Anonymous said...

beauuutiful. give me that tan!